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Welcome to my online portfolio. I have had the pleasure of providing marketing, branding, presentation and user interface solutions to Fortune 500 companies, large non-profit agencies and government entities for over 10 years. I am a hybrid consultant, having worked both as a business analyst and as a creative professional, often on the same engagement. I am currently a creative director and a UI/UX lead on several projects for a major defense contractor and a high profile federal government entity.

I am seeking both full time and freelance/contract opportunities. I am well-versed in interactive design, user experience design, and gathering functional and business requirements. I am also very comfortable working with most products by Adobe and Microsoft, and I'm a musician/engineer with a full recording studio. Flexibility is my strong suit, and I have worked on both ends of the scale from one-off print pieces to full corporate intranet revamps involving 10 creatives and three dozen technical resources. I have received security clearances on several projects in the past, and I am confident that I would receive clearances again if necessary.

Please browse the samples of my past work and feel free to contact me. As I mention in several parts of this site, I cannot display my present work due to security and intellectual property concerns, but I would by happy to discuss the general processes and type of deliverables involved in my current work at any time.